Robots Will Take Your Job

This document on how robots have the potential take all our jobs has me a little nervous.

They cover the average labor oriented jobs that machines have and will continue to take over. However, at around 11 minutes they get into a very personal subject.

Robot’s taking over Creative Jobs

The idea of a program being able to design and launch a website makes me nervous. But when it can also write an article and add photos it makes me question where does it leave human creativity.

I am doubtful that programs and robots will take my job anytime soon. I do wonder what is in store for the next generation of creatives… They will have even more competition to make a living in creative fields.

Things to check out:


A computer program that writes music.


Create programs that can interpret data and make them into a narrative… AKA article writing.

3 thoughts on “Robots Will Take Your Job

  1. Mike says:

    Robots are even starting bands. Just see Big Al of the Country Bears:

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