We Are All Connected

A friend of mine shared this video with me several years ago. At first I listened to it daily. The beauty of the message with the basic music blows my mind.

The cosmos are within us. We are made of stars.

It is a philosophical and spiritual way of looking at science. It is so powerful it brings me close to tears.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I. While lately I watch it one or two times a month. However, when I do watch I replay it several times to take it all in.

Robots Will Take Your Job

This document on how robots have the potential take all our jobs has me a little nervous.

They cover the average labor oriented jobs that machines have and will continue to take over. However, at around 11 minutes they get into a very personal subject.

Robot’s taking over Creative Jobs

The idea of a program being able to design and launch a website makes me nervous. But when it can also write an article and add photos it makes me question where does it leave human creativity.

I am doubtful that programs and robots will take my job anytime soon. I do wonder what is in store for the next generation of creatives… They will have even more competition to make a living in creative fields.

Things to check out:


A computer program that writes music.


Create programs that can interpret data and make them into a narrative… AKA article writing.

When Science Meets Art

How do you reconcile science to art? It feels as though the two should never even have a nodding acquaintance with one another, but it seems as if they now do. This video gives me yet another reason to find science even sexier than it already is.

Swiss scientist, Fabian Oefner, wants to make us think about the beauty in the science that we sometimes just don’t (or aren’t able to) see. Such as sound the sound waves produced by our stereo.

Now, we can’t see a sound wave, except… we can! Oefner uses his super-scientific mind to find a way to illustrate the point, using colorized crystals.