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Cool ProductsFebruary 1, 2016

One Second A Day [with Videos]

We do not remember days, we remember moments. -Cesare Pavese How much do you remember from last year?

Cool ProductsOctober 19, 2015

An Easy Way to Improve your Phone Videocamera’s Audio

As you can hear from the video above the microphone makes a big difference. It cuts back on

Cool ProductsSeptember 6, 2014

Robots Will Take Your Job

This document on how robots have the potential take all our jobs has me a little nervous. They

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The First Family Robot

We all are excited for when we can purchase an R2 unit, a Wall-e, or a Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Jibo isn’t any of those robots, but it is the first step in that direction. At the price of $499 and up, it isn’t yet in my family’s budget, but I am excited to see we

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Solar Freakin’ Roadways

I. WANT. THIS! Scott and Julie Brusaw, have invented a functioning Solar Road! If we ever needed just ONE futuristic, inventive, sci-fi thing to happen to the world, this is it. Yeah, okay, the internet was pretty cool but THIS could be epic! For starters, the road self-defrosts! I’d never have to shovel my sidewalk