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Extremely Artsy Biking Video

First, I’ve been to Sparta, WI and have no idea where that place is. I will need to

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How Francis Ford Coppola Reflects on his Life

As a filmmaker, I am embarrassed to say I know very little about Francis Ford Coppola. It is common to hear great directors and creators talk about him as a master of the cinema and creativity. Every time I hear a Francis Ford Coppola interview, I realize he is all that people claim he is. In this

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Allergy to Originality is an animated Op-Doc by Drew Christie. It is about two men discussing whether the current media has an aversion to originality. The question of art and if anything is truly original becomes the theme of their discussion. Written, Directed & Illustrated by Drew Christie Presented by The New York Times Op-Docs Below

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How Creatives Spend Their Day

Part of being a self-employed creative is having to plan what an average day should look like. This is both that is both liberating and overwhelming at the same time. I am always on the quest to find the perfect daily routine and rituals. It gives me the feeling of being more productive. More important, it

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint.” — Vincent van Gogh

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Creating an Artist Résumé

I very rarely need an artist cv (artist resume) because most my work is with organizations that know me. However, now and then I get a request for my artist resume and maybe an artist statement. I imagine a lot of different types of artists will need to provide these on a regular basis to

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Blind Man Draws Self-Portrait

In this video, we see Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, respond to the popular request to draw various objects based on how he thinks they look including a cat, a car, and himself. I found the video inspirational and decided to try drawing a self-portrait with my eyes closed. A photo posted by

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Is boostlikes.com worth using?

This article first appeared on my personal blog on November 17, 2012. Before reading this, it is important to note that buying Facebook “likes” is usually a bad idea. It is tempting to use money to purchase fans, but it rarely works in your favor. The story I got an email the other day (remember

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How to Wake Up Happy Every Morning

I claim to be a morning person, but it still takes me forever to get out of bed.