The 3 Secrets To Being More Productive

This is a long video but has amazing stuff related to productivity. The 3 secrets to become more productive


Pikachu Vs Team Rocket

I LOVE THIS video. It is by a family who participated in one of our animation workshops. The



Above is a great claymation video made by four 17-year-olds during a workshop last summer. It is one of my favorites because of its great design. Design Balance They did an amazing job balancing the styles of the background and characters.. The colors have a good contrast. And The three-dimensional clay looks good against the


Are Facebook Ads a Scam

A recent University study found Facebook ads included similar “fake likes” as “like farms”. We mentioned before how “fake”


Never Buy Facebook Likes!

Starting a new Facebook page can be a depressing experience. Seeing your number of “likes” at 0, 10, or even 100 can be embarrassing. Especially when others in your industry have several hundred or thousands. There is a temptation to turn to the “Dark Side” of Social Media marketing. While I don’t see buying Facebook


e-Book Page Size

I am currently in the process of creating the “Learn to Animate” digital book I funded through Kickstarter.


The New Year Planner (a beautiful thing)

I write this late in the evening on January 26th. My toddler son is sleeping in his crib and my infant daughter in her swing. Before me is my 2015 planner. To write in a new planner is a thrilling event for me. Something about the potential of an entire year before me that makes


A New Way of Looking at Parenting

I just read a wonderful article in the New York Times website that changed the way I am parenting. The


Animation A Day Most Popular After 3 Weeks

Right now, our Cat Lazer Eyes video is ranked #1 in both YouTube and Vine compared to all our other animation a day videos. I am not sure what is the cause for people enjoying this video so much more than the others. I typically wonder why a lot of “viral” videos get so popular.


I Broke My Resolution – But Who Cares?

This article is a direct response to “2015 – the year of the compulsive creative“. If you have not read that article come on you can do so here. One of our New Years goals was to write an article a day for the first 90 days of 2015. Up till now we have published


A Brief History of Kickstarter

It is crazy to think that Kickstarter is a half-decade old. More interesting is that it started with