Sending Kickstarter Digital Rewards with Gumroad

In this article, we’re showing how to use Gumroad to send Kickstarter digital rewards. I am using Gumroad to send


Kickstarter Marries its Mission

Kickstarter has taken a significant step in showing it is determined to continue their company with the values


5 SUPER EASY ways to create more!

Compulsive Creatives are not known for being the most productive people in the world. We tend to get distracted, have hundreds of projects we want to work on, and often exhaust ourselves on whatever is in front of us. Over the past ten years of running a variety creative businesses, these five things have helped


How to Survive Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a beast when trying to fund a project. Setting up a Kickstarter page and publishing are the easy parts. It is marketing that can quickly kill the soul of artists and creators. If you have been reading Compulsive Creative for awhile, you might remember the article “Kickstarter Campaign Tips & My Last 24

Cool Stuff by Creative People

3 Amazing Sculptures Made from Sand

As a kid, we all loved going to the beach. It brings back a lot of memories. Mom or dad give us that little set of plastic buckets shaped like something, a castle or a seahorse, what have you. You pack it with wet sand, flip it upside down, jiggle the bucket free aaaaaaAand BAM!


2015 Best Computer Animated Short

“Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou” is amazingly funny and incredibly touching! It is an exploration of two people


The Best Thing EVER for Creatives

I can’t describe how excited I am about the premise of this production company.


Why are Chuck Jones’ Cartoons so Funny?

The people over at Every Frame a Painting created this amazing “mini” documentary on what makes Chuck Jones’ cartoons so good. Chuck Jones made over 250 films, was nominated eight times for an Oscar (won three), and has won countless awards during his lifetime.


10 Life Lessons from Marc Maron’s interview with Louis C.K.

Marc Maron’s interview with Louis CK made Slate’s number one spot on their list of “The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever“. This was a good excuse for me to relisten to the episode. There are a lot of things to take away from this interview, but here are my top ten. 10 – Producers do stupid


A Tale of Momentum & Inertia – CG Animation

This video is an example of an excellent animation film. Lessons independent animators can learn from this video: It is short – Takes less time to make. Simple premise – Only has one character. It is funny – Humor is always easier to sell. “A Tale of Momentum & Inertia” is by HouseSpecial, a Portland-based


YouTube Production Skills Boot Camp

I was excited to be invited to take part in a YouTube Production Skill Boot Camp. From June 15


Terry Gilliam on Cutout Animation

Use the limitations of cutout animation to your advantage.


The Nicest Place on the Internet

The internet can be a scary place for creatives.
Connecting to people across the world has made it possible to communicate with other creatives, colaberate across the planet, get feedback from countless potential fans, and make businesses like mine possible…
After watching three or four “nice people” give their webcam a hug, I felt a little choked up.