The Life & Art of Pablo Picasso

Image of Pablo Picasso

One of the most famous artists of our time was born in Málaga, Spain, in 1881. You guessed it… His name was Pablo Picasso. And he produced some of the most amazing works of art in history. Pablo Picasso created what was the forefront of modern art as we know it today. Without his influence, we […]

The 3 Secrets To Being More Productive

This is a long video but has amazing stuff related to productivity. The 3 secrets to become more productive are: Do fewer things More often Get better at them Big takeaways: We all have the same amount of time (even successful entrepreneurs). Be “world class” at one thing. That one thing has to be an important […]

A Short Biography of Walt Disney

Image of Walt Disney

Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, IL, on December 5th, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney. The name Disney itself derives from his French ancestor d’Isigny (later changed to Disney). When Walt Disney was only four years old, his family moved to a farm home in Marceline, MO, where he first developed his love […]

Pikachu Vs Team Rocket

Pokemon Video

I LOVE THIS video. It is by a family who participated in one of our animation workshops. The youngest was 6 and the oldest of 11. The dad was there to help them create this amazing mixed media animation of Pokemon. During my workshops, I am normally against students using characters from other artists’ work. […]


Godzilla on YouTube

Above is a great claymation video made by four 17-year-olds during a workshop last summer. It is one of my favorites because of its great design. Design Balance They did an amazing job balancing the styles of the background and characters.. The colors have a good contrast. And The three-dimensional clay looks good against the […]

Valentines Day Animation

An Animated Love Story

Happy Valentines day everyone. To celebrate I am including this wonderfully animated story about a loving couple. After watching the video go to, check out the behind the scenes photos. Scroll halfway down the page and it will be the right sidebar. Those images show what is possible with hard work, a vision, and lots […]

Are Facebook Ads a Scam

A recent University study found Facebook ads included similar “fake likes” as “like farms”. We mentioned before how “fake” likes can hurt your business. This brings up an important question. Is Facebook advertisements a scam? The answer is no. However, if not done correctly Facebook ads can be a waste of money. The above video explains […]

Never Buy Facebook Likes!

don't buy facebook likes2

Starting a new Facebook page can be a depressing experience. Seeing your number of “likes” at 0, 10, or even 100 can be embarrassing. Especially when others in your industry have several hundred or thousands. There is a temptation to turn to the “Dark Side” of Social Media marketing. While I don’t see buying Facebook […]