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Kurt Cobain – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Donald Cobain was born 50 years ago today. When I was an early teen, his band Nirvana was crazy popular. His music was for a generation of kids (and adults) trying to find their way in the world. Nirvana was created in 1987, and their first record was released two years later. However, it

ProductivityJanuary 10, 2017

Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination [Tim Ferriss]

Procrastination is something we all face and is ever-present. Even a prolific writer and content creator, such as Tim Ferriss, has battled procrastination throughout his career. This video has some critical and creative steps to be able to produce more without getting side tracked.

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Goal Setting the Way

NOTE: If you pause the audio, you have to click the “x” in the upper right to hit play again. This is something Sound Cloud does, and it has taken me a few years to figure it out. So, if you hit pause and can’t figure out how to hit play again, check the upper

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Nonsense & Everything – Tom Waits

This is a fascinating discussion with Tom Waits on “making it big”, being in entertainment, and art. It is full of nonsense with the meaning to life in traditional Tom Waits fashion. You can take from it what you will. This video is by “Blank on Blank” a YouTube channel by PBS. The interview was

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2017 Focus

If you haven’t read How to end 2016 & Bring on 2017, go read that article before this one. It is 2017! So, we have 364 days before 2018. That is 364 days to complete projects, have new experiences, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder for me (and maybe you) to do than

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How to Get Better Creatively – The Gap by Ira Glass

This audio clip of Ira Glass (This American Life) has been floating around for awhile. I hear it quoted a lot from creatives trying to inspire other creatives to keep working. It is a good motivator to hear someone as accomplished as Ira Glass admit that it took time to gain the skills that he has.

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How to end 2016 & Bring on 2017

The end of the year is always depressing for me. It has become the time where I push my long lists of projects I wanted to get done into the bottom of my closet (metaphorically). All the half completed to-do lists and random “I should do that” ‘s get piled up. I then force this list

UpdateNovember 30, 2016

Extremely Artsy Biking Video

First, I’ve been to Sparta, WI and have no idea where that place is. I will need to