WebsitesSeptember 7, 2015

The Best Thing EVER for Creatives

I can’t describe how excited I am about the premise of this production company.

PhilisophicalJuly 10, 2015Leave a comment

The Nicest Place on the Internet

The internet can be a scary place for creatives.
Connecting to people across the world has made it possible to communicate with other creatives, colaberate across the planet, get feedback from countless potential fans, and make businesses like mine possible…
After watching three or four “nice people” give their webcam a hug, I felt a little choked up.

WebsitesJanuary 29, 20152 Comments

Never Buy Facebook Likes!

Starting a new Facebook page can be a depressing experience. Seeing your number of “likes” at 0, 10, or even 100 can be embarrassing. Especially when others in your industry have several hundred or thousands. There is a temptation to turn to the “Dark Side” of Social Media marketing. While I don’t see buying Facebook