The Nicest Place on the Internet

The internet can be a scary place for creatives.

Connecting to people across the world has made it possible to communicate with other creatives, collaborate across the planet, get feedback from countless potential fans, and make businesses like mine possible.

At the same time, there is a dark side to all this.

  • Trolls
  • Stalkers
  • Spammers
  • Haters
  • Middle Schoolers

It can be a jungle on the web.

That’s why I am excited to share with you one of the happiest places on the internet.

Woman waiving at the nicest places on the internet.

The site is

At first I was a little skeptical o the idea of strangers giving me digital hugs. It seems too anonymous and fake.

After watching three or four “nice people” give their webcam a hug, I felt a little choked up.

I come from a very affectionate family, and we show our love and appreciation for each other on a daily basis. Getting hugs from strangers seems awkward and weird, but seeing it through the nicest place on the internet made me realize how much I crave the love of my community.

It feels really good to get a hug even if it is digital.

This doesn’t mean I will run around town hugging everyone in site. Wisconsin has conceal & carry so every hug would be like playing Russian roulette.

Instead, the question becomes how can I show others I love them and care about them even though I don’t know them.

This comes out in simple acts of kindness.

  • Holding open a door.
  • Give a “Thank You” with meaning instead of out of ritual.
  • Tell people when you appreciate them or what they do.
  • Tipping well.

There are endless possibilities to show kindness beyond the expectation of daily interaction. Be creative about it and make sure the act is about the other person and not you.

Before you get started, get some “virtual hugs” over at

A hug from everyone.


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