The Best Thing EVER for Creatives

While cruising Netflix yesterday, I saw a show that stood out.

Hit Record on Netflix

The show description grabbed my attention:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s crowdsourced variety show features short films, animation, music and more, with each episode organized around a theme.

With the words Crowdsourced, variety show, and animation, I had to give it a watch… And I loved it!

It is more than a TV show.

To get the full scope, watch this video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt explaining the site.

I can’t describe how excited I am about the premise of this production company. It feels like something too good to be true. A place for artists and creatives to collaborate on projects together.

It sounds like a compulsive creatives’ Shangri-La.

Rather than just exhibiting and admiring each others work as isolated individuals, we gather here to work on projects together. Having someone take creative liberty with what I’ve done, it’s just fascinating. It’s like, ‘Wow they really got it.’ Or they didn’t get it. You can really tell, based on the art that they make. Much more than what the box office was.

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Over the next four weeks (possibly longer), I am going to dedicate at least one full day to this site. Checking it out, connecting with people, and collaborating.

I will be posting my experience here on If you join hitREcord or are already a collaborator, let me know. You can send me an email at I would love to hear what you’re working on, what you think of the site, and/or just say hello.

I feel like this might be the best thing EVER for creatives.

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