Kickstarter Campus

Received an exciting email today from Kickstarter about a new section of their site.


Kickstarter describes Campus as ” a place where creators can come together, collaborate, share knowledge, and talk with the Kickstarter team”.

This is AWESOME!
I’m always interested in how to run Kickstarter Campaigns better.

I’m eager to chat with other Kickstarter users in a supportive environment. I’ve reached out to other Kickstarter creators through social media in the past. It feels weird, but it is always helpful. Campus will make that process so much less awkward.

Beyond talking about Kickstarter itself, I plan to be active in discussions related to making cool art/projects, general project feedback and discussions on creativity.

How does it work?

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. You can add a question and people will respond.
  3. Vote up useful answers.
  4. Answer other people’s questions.
  5. Follow questions that you would like to have answers for.

Campus is user-friendly and easy to navigate; this is a great addition to the Kickstarter experience. Let me know if you join up, I would love connecting with other creatives.

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