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Anxiety Symptoms And Treatment Tips

October 8th was National Depression Screening Day. It is well known that creatives tend to have higher chances of depression and social anxiety orders. For this reason, I want to talk about this taboo subject. Is your anxiety overwhelming? With stress and anxiety, I normally assume the symptoms I feel (tiredness, lack of focus, etc.) are related

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How to Not Kill Your Husband While Working Together

 Advice on how to work with your husband when you share a home and office. I should probably mention that my husband okayed the general topic of this article.  (In fact, I’m pretty sure it was his idea.)  At first I refused to consider this kind of theme for an article, seeing it as something

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A Nanowrimo collaboration!

November is nigh, and scores of creatives are gearing up for National Novel Writing Month, or ‘nanowrimo’ to

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2015 Best Computer Animated Short

“Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou” is amazingly funny and incredibly touching! It is an exploration of two people

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Don’t Work Too Hard [June Check-in]

I was going over my schedule and plans for June. I try to do a monthly “check-in” around

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Are Facebook Ads a Scam

A recent University study found Facebook ads included similar “fake likes” as “like farms”. We mentioned before how “fake”