Balloon Twisting for Fear and Profit

Balloon twisting scares the hell out of me.
Well, just one part of it.
The actual doing it, part.  At an event. In front of people.
Sooo many people.

That’s what I think about, for days before the event takes place. I can feel the anxiety building and building. By the time I drive up in front of my gig, my hands are clammy and my mouth is cold.

I’d like to say it goes away while I work, but it doesn’t.  Unless Jason and I are working the same gig.  Then it’s a snap.

It started very innocently.  My husband, Jason, twists balloons as part of his living, and it looked so easy.  Twist a little here, twist a little there, BAM!  It’s a dog!  $100, please.  So we decided I should pick the skill up.

Twisting is in itself, easy.  I find that it’s still fun to do.  Making little balloon ladybugs, horses, dogs, monkeys, cats is enjoyable.

My favorite thing to make is a dog. But, it’s the sword that I recommend to a child who can’t decide what kind of balloon he/she wants.  Not only because it’s just about the fastest, simplest, thing to make.  But because, if you give balloon swords to a room of children and set them free it’s fun!

It’s seriously the only thing you could give children to hit one another with that will not end in tears. Well, unless something pops.  In which case, I just make another, lickety split.

Going back to the ‘twisting is easy’ statement, I add a revision. It’s easy, for the first hour. As you get into hour three, your fingers may start to get sore from the repetitive nature of the twist.  By the end of a gig, my hands are sore!

Sore and swollen, and covered in latex dust.

But that’s still the best part of the day.  It’s OVER!  I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  I could go home, wash up, relax!  And I am peaceful and happy…  until the next gig approaches.

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