Niche Site Journal 2.0 – Week 0

I’m getting ready for the Niche Site Duel 2.0 with Pat Flynn. Like last time, I will be posting weekly updates on my progress. I also joined a Master Mind group with two other online entrepreneurs, and we will be recording our meeting for your enjoyment and education (Listen to episode 1).

Week 0 (zero) was all about choosing the perfect niche site.

Before committing to a niche site, I took a few days to look at possible keywords. It wasn’t till I found something that fit all my criteria that I decided I would take part in the Niche Site Journal 2.0.

My criteria for my Niche Site

  1. Something I will enjoy and will be able to write about.
    If you listened to episode 1 of the podcast, you heard me talk about how much I hated writing for my first niche site (First Niche Site Journal Experiment). I eventually ended up forcing myself to write fast and throwing up articles that were not fully edited. I just left mistakes in grammar and misspelled words because I didn’t have the time to read back over my articles.
    This time, I am choosing something I will enjoy writing about and that I have more experience in.
  2. Something I can make money with.
    I used Long Tail Pro (affiliate Link) to determine exact monthly searches, how much Google charged for Cost Per Click and the competitiveness for ranking #1 in Google. From the numbers I got, I am confident I can at least rank in the top 5 within two months and hopefully be able to gain the #1 spot a few months after that.

    The keyword data from longtail pro

    Keyword data from Long Tail Pro

  3. Something that will help people.
    My goal with the site is to make money with the value I give to others. If the objective was just to make money, I would be trying to find crap to sell to idiots, but instead I want my site to benefit those who read it.

The keyword I choose is one that I can make a website around to helps others. The current top three websites in Google are sites that sell what my keyword is. Meaning that their goal is to sell to the people that do the search.

My site will be an information site, with reviews and news on the keyword. My goal is to help them and hope in return they will by my product/an affiliate product or just click on an ad on my site.

With these criteria met, I will be participating in Niche Site Duel 2.0 with my new keyword. I am very excited for this new experiment and have high hopes for success.

The strategy I will use is:

  • Build the Site
  • Create and Add Content
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Build traffic
  • Monetize

Many of these bullet points will overlap as they are executed.

Let’s look at some details.

Week # 0 Results

Costs: $67

  • $67 for Long Tail Pro (affiliate Link): The Keyword Analysis tool to figure out what keyword to use.

Time Breakdown: 20 Hours (Total to date: 20 hours)

  • 20 hours searching for the perfect Keyword (I think I found it).


I am still working on a plan and should have a better idea next week of my game plan.


I want to say thanks for following my progress. I am very excited to get this blog up, filled with content, and monetized.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Niche Site Journal 2.0 – Week 0

  1. Michal says:

    Hi, I’m loving the idea of making money online. I have two sites from which one is making about 180USD per month. Now i’ll be looking for a new one – will bookmark your site and see how is your progress doing.

  2. Jason Love says:

    Thank you. Keep us updated on your progress.

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