How to put on a Maternity Support Belt

1) Fasten the upper tummy strap by lightly stretching top strap over and velcro it to other end towards the top of your stomach.

2) Fasten the Abdominal Support Pad under your belly.  The belt is fastened with the Velcro on each end.

3) Position the Abdominal Support Pad as low on your abdomen as possible, but not so low it is touched by your legs when you walk.

4) Attach the belt to itself to lock in place.


Your maternity support is made of elastic, which means as your baby grows, the support belt will expand by velcroing the ends for proper fit.

Washing your Maternity Support Belt

Ideally if you have the patience, you will want to hand wash your maternity support belt in your bathroom sink in cold water with a little bit of detergent then hang it over your curtain rod to dry.  I, however, have never hand washed anything in my life so I stuff the girdle into a garment bag (or else the Velcro will snag on other items in the wash) and let it go through a normal cycle.  I still let it air dry overnight, so it’s ready to go when I get up.

Maybe this decreases the lifespan of your belt or girdle but it’s a time/cost evaluation.  Plus, in my experience, hand washing never fully de-stinkifies anything.  My girdle held up fine and is ready for another pregnancy, maybe two!  Use your judgment.

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