Sculptures Carved from Crayons

Look below, aren’t they sweet?  A froggy and a flower!

Crayon Sculpture of Frog and Flower

These crayon carvings, by Hoang Tran, are just awesome!   My husband especially likes the characters from Adventure Time. I like the totem carvings from the Game of Thrones series even though I’m not a fan of the show (despise me if you must).

Adventure Time Crayon Carvings

Totem crayon carvings from the Game of Thrones series


But I like the crayon sculptures below the best!

This box full of carvings have shed their skins and gone buck wild!

I want to touch them, I want to figure out how the heck Pete Goldlust managed to make them look so good, so smooth and… perfectly even.  It makes me willing to destroy some Crayola.

Pete Goldlust Crayons

Diem Chau carved a whole alphabet with accompanying animal carving.

The zebra is my favorite. I’d sure like to know how to inlay the black stripes.

Alphabet Crayon Sculptures

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