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Today I have a very simple, but powerful tool for you.

It is a Business Breakdown poster for your workspace. It gives you a look at your market, what makes you different than your competitors, how you are niched down, and a look at your ideal customer all on one sheet.

Once you fill out the poster, you might want to print it out and post on the wall or save it as your wallpaper on your computer’s desktop.

If you wish to jump into downloading the large format image, the link is at the bottom of the post, but I suggest reading the explanation of how to use and the example below before getting started.

How to use the Business Breakdown Tool

Step 1: Business Name

Fill in the name of your business or your website name at the top.

Step 2: Determine Your Market

This is the broadest version of your category of business. It can also be referred to as an industry. Some examples are gaming, creativity, online marketing, etc.

Fill this in the “Market” section of your poster.

Step 3: Choose a Differentiator

How is your niche site or business different than the rest of those in your market?

It can not be “I will do it better”. Everyone is trying to be the best and becoming the best is determined by individual opinion. Instead, think of it as a the specifics of what your business does.

This involves finding categories in your market. A few examples might be helpful:

  • Business (Market) -> Online Business (Differentiator)
  • Health (Market) -> Paleo diet with quick cardio exercises (Differentiator)
  • Creativity (Market) -> Quick and inexpensive (Differentiator)

Step 4: Niche Down

Niching down is how you are different than your competition. This is often around the person you want your business to serve, but can also be taking your differentiator a step or two more specific.

Niching down using your audience you can just be descriptive of your ideal customer. Having your customers just be women, men, a distinct nationality, or personality type are all great ways.

Niching down using a more specific version of your differentiator is another good option. Niche site Journal is a good example. Business (market) -> Online Business (Differentiator) -> Niche Site (Niche) and Data Driven Content (Niche)

Step 5: Find Your Ideal Customer

Now is my favorite part!

Find a friend, someone you know, or even a celebrity to portray your ideal customer. It needs to be someone who you can image their habits, choices, and personality.

For example, if I choose Woody Allen as my “Ideal Customer”. I  know that he has high anxiety, doesn’t like to take risks, is rarely on the internet, hates the outdoors, etc.

By having this person (or you can choose a few) on your poster, you can think about where would be the best place to market to them, where should you guest post, what are they struggling with, and similar questions.

Step 6: Hang Near Your Workstation

Now take you poster and hang it close to your workstation. This way when you are creating content, planning your social media campaign, or making any business decision you have a complete view of you business and your customers.


Niche Site Journal Example


The ideal customer I chose was my friend Jeff.

Sometimes it helps to write relevant information about Jeff on the poster next to him, but I know him so well I just need his photo.

Download The Business Breakdown Tool

Business Breakdown Poster (.jpg at 1.15 MB)

If you don’t have software to add your text to the poster, you can use the free online photo editing tool at

Please let me know if you found this poster useful.


Jason Love

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