Is worth using?

This article first appeared on my personal blog on November 17, 2012.

Before reading this, it is important to note that buying Facebook “likes” is usually a bad idea. It is tempting to use money to purchase fans, but it rarely works in your favor.

The story

I got an email the other day (remember this was back in 2012) from saying they can help me get more page likes for my Facebook Page.  According to them, they put ads on their big websites promoting my Facebook page and when they reach the number paid for, they pull it off.  If this is what they do, then it is an amazing service.


To be honest, I have a lot of doubts about the service of  I have hired companies/people in the past to build up fan pages, and they all used fake accounts. The numbers went up, but no one looked at the page.  Having a thousand likes for a page helps build social proof, but I personally only am looking for people who will be interested in my projects (in this case the Madman of Magic Comic Book).

My Hopes

The truth is that I will not know how good this companies service is till I try it, and you will know too once I post my review.  I have used several other products that I assumed could be a scam and was pleasantly surprised at the quality.  I am hoping is going to be one of those cases.


I did do a quick google search of ” ” and most of the sites have to do with data on the site statistics (ranking, age, domain owner, etc.on).  The two that do talk about the site do not say anything good about it.

  • someone comments that for the “Web of Trust has no ratings for them whatsoever…be very leery…..”
  • On someone asked about the site and the response was ” does not have a good rating. People say that you should not trust the website”


Neither of these sites are authority sites on the subject and both answers suggest they never tried the site out.  My solution is to give a chance and I will report my findings back to you!


I did not have a great experience with the company. They did give the likes I requested, but they were not active on my page.

You can read why I don’t recommend them here.

3 thoughts on “Is worth using?

  1. Hi, good article, I have a question how long were active the “Likes” ?. I would appreciate your response.

  2. Compulsive Admin says:

    What do you mean by “active likes?” I still have all the likes, but I have no reason to believe any of them are from “real” accounts.

  3. Al Imran says:

    Yes i also need Like. Real and active like.. so i can using it..
    Good post. Thanks you

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