Is worth using?

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I used ‘s services several years ago and was not happy with the results. I don’t have any other recommendations for companies because I find it best to leave Facebook promotion to myself or my team.

I like to keep a close eye on how people find my Facebook page. This is the best way to ensure “likes” are from people interested in the content/website/project of a page.

Also, people get too wrapped up in the number of the Facebook “likes” that they have. While having thousands of people “like” a page feels good, it is more about ego and less about best business decisions.

Social proof?

Social proof is when people make decisions based off of the actions of others. When individuals are unsure about what to do in a situation they often turn to other people’s b to determine their own.

In our case, the action is “like’ing” a page. Some individuals use the number of “likes” a page has to determine if they will like it as well… After all, thousands of other Facebook users can’t be wrong.

Facebook changes

Within the past year, Facebook has changed the way people get updates in their feeds. Only a percentage of Facebook fans of a page see individual posts. This includes both the person that just “liked” a page because someone asked them to and the fan who is almost ready to buy or support your project.

Those that “like” a page who are not an ideal customer or fan is now taking away views from others. You want to be in the feeds of someone who will take action; such as buying, sharing, etc.

With these Facebook changes, it is less important about the number of likes a page gets. Having 50 high quality “likes” is more beneficial that 5,000 none quality “likes”.

Also, most Facebook users care more about a page’s content than the page’s number of likes.


Spend fewer resources on increasing your Facebook likes.

I am focusing on making sure my pages have amazing content that people want to share across all social media. I recommend you do the same.

7 thoughts on “Is worth using?

  1. Hank McAllister says:

    I agree there’s more to social media promotion than just obtaining “likes”, but Boostlikes increased reach, mentions, and page activity for my personal Facebook page (at a fraction of the cost of hiring a social media manager).

    If you just focus on creating amazing content that people want to share, how would you suggest increasing reach for that content without social media promotion? Boostlikes was actually a great way for me to spend fewer resources on increasing page activity.

  2. Jason Love says:

    My biggest suggestion would be to make shareable content. People will then promote your content for you.

    I have also heard people have great success with contests, promoting a page to your mailing list, and having original content on your page that is promoted through your site.

    I would love to hear more specifics about your experience with Boostlikes. What is your Facebook page URL? How many likes did you have before and after? And if you don’t mind, how much engagement did you have using them.

  3. John Rivera says:

    This company is a scam.. Do not use. All the likes i had were from italy or arabia i cancel the service and they contine charging my account 3 months after cancel. Email them and til this day have not refunded the money they stold.

  4. Jason Love says:

    That is really good to know. I had used them for a little while several years ago and the “likes” they sent me then didn’t seem legit. Sounds like they haven’t improved their service.

  5. taxi says:

    Very good write-up. I completely agree.

  6. lior nir says:

    Do not do business with the company is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!
    you will buy thousands of likes from fake facebook accounts from Egypt, most of which are written in arabic, 1000 times Muhamed, Mahmud and Ahmed.

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