2017 Focus

If you haven’t read How to end 2016 & Bring on 2017, go read that article before this one.

It is 2017!

So, we have 364 days before 2018.

That is 364 days to complete projects, have new experiences, and enjoy life.

Unfortunately, this is a lot harder for me (and maybe you) to do than it sounds. I am one of those people who ignore all the amazing things I have accomplished and think about how much debt I am in and all the projects I have yet to finish.

This year I am trying to be kinder to myself.

Instead of making a long list of projects and to-do’s that I expect to accomplish, I am picking one thing… You heard (read) correctly.

I am picking one thing based on that list of accomplishments I created in the How to end 2016 & Bring on 2017 article.

2016 Accomplishments for 2017 Focus

Go ahead and finish your list or go back and make one for yourself.

The One Thing You’re Most Proud Of?

This part of your planning has only one step and it is super simple.

Ask yourself, “what on my list of accomplishments am I the proudest of.”

For me, it was all the achievements around making YouTube videos.
So, my focus is going to be on that.

That easy!

As I plan out my days, my weeks, and months, I keep my 2017 focus in mind.
When I think about the comic books I want to make and the books to write, I can still work on those projects but need to understand or create a way that they can fit within creating YouTube videos.

Not that easy 🙁

We all need to pay bills, live healthy lives, and fulfill the standard living and surviving requirements.

These things can and should take precedence over your 2017 focus when needed.

Paying bills is a big one. While I have made a few dollars on YouTube, I am far from a full-time YouTuber. So, I have to plan accordingly and figure out the best way to fulfill these obligations while working towards achievements I will be most proud of.

For me that means:

  • Record more of the fun stuff I do with my family at Jason Loves Life YouTube channel.
  • Putting on more Animation Workshops, which I post on the Learn to Animate Channel.
  • Experiment with new types of videos and see what gets the most views.
  • Find new ways to make money with my videos.

It takes a little work, but it will change the way you plan your year.

If you do this process, I would love to hear what your 2017 focus is going to be. Feel free to post it in the comments below.

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