YARN Bomb!

Knitted Octopus

This is YARN Bombing!

Knit Details on Tree

A close up of the octopus and lil’ goldfish!

Yarn bombing is also known as guerrilla knitting, or knit graffiti, though it’s the least graffiti-like of all graffiti I’ve yet seen.  If anything it’s inviting, warm and fuzzy even. (Ha, ha).

Knitted Park Benches

Check out these guys ‘Buttmunches’ knit (above) by Lorna and Jill Watt.

I…  I…  just don’t have the words of awesome-ness to describe how happy they make me!

And I would loose it with glee if I found myself stopped by that stop sign below.

Knitted Stop Sign

Because, how sweet/cool do you think that is?  I love that there are folks out there who are walking by something and think ‘ yep, this needs yarn’.

So far I think my absolute favorites are the yarn bombed statues.  It’s hard to appear dignified when you’re sporting a pair of bright, warm and fuzzy mittens!

Gloves on a Statue

Most yarn graffiti, like the above, make me smile, some inspire me…

…  Aaaaand some just baffle me out of words (like below).

Knitted Stair Cozy

My knitting talents are pitiful at best, but I almost want to pick the needles up again, if only I could ever do anything even remotely as fantastic!

Hit up the websites below to see such things as, bus cozies, yarnified bridges, and formerly sad sidewalk cracks that have been packed with yarn! (That one I think I’d like to see in my neighborhood!)

      • Magda Sayeg

        Yarn Bombing Master and artist Magda Saveg has some great photos of her work on her website.

      • Lorna and Jill Watt

        California-based sister YARN BOMBERS! You will want to check out their San Mateo Art Project on their site.

      • Juliana Herrera

        Filling potholes with yarn; a unique idea that adds color to the streets of Paris.

      • Stop Sign Flowers Project

        The people behind the Stop Sign Flowers. Check out their website to learn how to make your own.

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