Why are Chuck Jones’ Cartoons so Funny?

The people over at Every Frame a Painting created this cool “mini” documentary on what makes Chuck Jones’ cartoons so good. Chuck Jones made over 250 films, was nominated eight times for an Oscar (got three), and has won countless awards during his lifetime.

I was going to do a breakdown of what I learned from this video, but instead I would like to hear your favorite parts. There is so much to take away.

Let’s get a dialogue going on this.
Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

One thought on “Why are Chuck Jones’ Cartoons so Funny?

  1. Jason Love says:

    Why is violence funny in these cartoons?
    Violence in the real world isn’t funny and if done incorrectly, it isn’t funny in cartoons either. Yet Chuck Jones is able to do it over and over again… I love his films.

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