UPDATE – The Learn to Animate Course is Launching December 7th!

You’ve heard about it!

You’ve been waiting for it!

It’s here!

We had originally planned for a November 30th, Cyber Monday,  but because of bad planning, unforseen circumstances, and issues with our mac computer, we will be pushing the launch and sales date to December 7th.

get the Learn to Animate Course!  Go to www.learntoanimatecourse.com for your copy today!

We want to thank all those who pre-ordered the Learn to Animate Course. We have received fantastic feedback and are excited to make the course available to everyone.

I have been facilitating “Learn to Animate” workshops for over six years. During that time, they have worked with over a thousand participants who have created hundreds of animated videos.

We are very excited that this workshop is now available to everyone worldwide.

Who is this course for?

  • Those that love to create
    To all you creatives out there, anyone who would like to dabble in animation. You hobbyists and aspiring geniuses, you will love the Learn to Animate Course and how quickly you can get to finishing your first animated video! If you are like me, you have a million ideas in your head. Here is an easy way to get some of them onto the digital screen.
  • Families looking to for fun weekend projects
    That means you, mom and dad! Spend the weekend together, use the Learn to Animate Course to create family animations that can be saved and remembered for years and years to come!
  • Educators wanting to bring a fun art project to the classroom
    Teachers and Educators will also love the Learn to Animate Course! It’s an excellent way to get your students to pay attention in class and a fun way to hone their skills in the areas of math, writing, technology, art, and teamwork! With a classroom full of imaginations working in concert, this course will be an endless joy for the classroom!

Our past participants are ages 6 to 60. The process is very simple, and you already own all the equipment needed.

Find your copy at www.learntoanimatecourse.com (after 12.7.15) and learn to animate today!

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