YouTube Production Skills Boot Camp

I was excited to be invited to take part in a YouTube Production Skill Boot Camp.

From June 15 – 26 I put in an hour every few days to watch videos and took quizzes related to film-making. It was a lot of fun and enlightening to see behind-the-scenes of several accomplished YouTube Filmmakers.

Part of the camp involved a webinar. On the morning of June 23, YouTube held a live broadcast of Andrew Russo of CreatorUp and Bayan Joonam of SoulPancake. They talked about ways to make videos better.

You can see the archive of that live stream here.

Subjects Covered in Boot Camp

I learned a lot of little tips throughout the courses. I always love hearing how other artists create their films and learn from seeing their process.

The main topics covered were:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Visual Design
  • Backgrounds
  • Getting Props
  • Finding Talent
  • And more…


How can you get started?

  1. Go to Creator Academy on YouTube
  2. Sign in at the top of the boot camp home page.
  3. Click “Start lesson” for each of the six lessons.
  4. Watch the video (subtitles are available in your language).
  5. Read the text section and answer the questions.
  6. Take the quizzes at the bottom of each page.

To receive a letter of completion, sign in and correctly answer at least 75% of the questions on the course quiz.

Letter of Completion

Cool Links:

You can visit the full creator academy –

Join them on Twitter –