Novel Writing Podcast – Coming Soon

Yesterday (November 1st) was the start of National Write a Novel Month.

This means my it is time to execute our Nanowrimo collaboration experiment of writing a novel with my wife in 30 days. It is a very lofty goal. To reach it, we will have to focus on moving the story forward and getting words on the paper instead of making it perfect the first time.

We already hit our first challenge. We didn’t have an answer to:

What is a novel?

Talking it over with Leah, we were not sure on what the criteria is for a book to be called a novel.

We looked at:

  • Word count
  • Number of pages
  • A Sense of permanence
  • The number of big words

Eventually, we agreed on using National Novel Writing Month’s official length requirement of 50,000 words.

This means we will be required to produce 1,666.66 words per day (50,000 words/30 days). Since Leah and I will be working together, we will split that daily word count to 833.33 words per day (1,666.66 words/2 of us).

At first I was feeling it was a bit of a cheat to have two people writing a novel. To make it fair, we are adding an extra challenge.

The Podcast

For the duration of November, I will be writing a novel with my wife and recording that journey with a daily podcast called Knock-Down, Drag-out write. The show will be up any day now. We already uploaded it to iTunes and are just waiting for them to hit publish.


The big answer is that it will be fun and challenging.

And who knows. Maybe our book will be successful or Leah and I can make a few dollars teaching others how to write novels. Anything is possible at this point. It is very exciting to day dream about the possibilities.

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