Twitter Account Suspended

I have been experimenting with using the tweetadder (an affiliate link) to get more twitter followers. It has been amazingly helpful, however, recently I was “suspended” by Twitter for what they call “Aggressive Following”. Bellow is our correspondence after my Madman of Magic Twitter account was suspended.

My message to them:

madman_of_magic, Feb 24 08:44 am (PST): Regarding: Suspended account Subject: Suspended account Description of problem: I assume my twitter account was suspended for aggressive following. I will stop following, but was under the impression that twitter preferred me adding more to my following list. I read over our Help section and realize that is not the case. Again I apologize and hope to get my twitter account un-suspended. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do. Thanks, Full name: Jason Love Twitter username: @madman_of_magic Email address: Phone number(optional): n/a

Their response:

Hello, We understand that you’re contesting an account suspension. Please be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket and trigger a review of your account. Twitter suspends accounts for a variety of reasons: • If your account was suspended for aggressive following behavior, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. You’ll need to confirm that you’ve removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior. To expedite your appeal process, please review our Best Practices page if you haven’t already, and then reply to this ticket with a confirmation that you understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior. • Please take a minute to review the Twitter Rules. • If you received an email from saying ‘you’re being suspended’ or that we’re going delete your account, you’re safe; the email is fake. More information here • While we strive to avoid mistakes, it’s also possible that your account was suspended in error. If after reviewing the Rules, you have no idea why your account was suspended, just reply to this email indicating as much, and we’ll take another look at your case. Our apologies if the error turns out to be ours. Thanks, Twitter Support

My response:

I confirm that I have removed all prohibited following automation from my account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior.

Thanks for clarifying,
Jason Love

Their Response:

Hello, Yes, your account was indeed suspended because we found that it demonstrated a pattern of aggressive following behavior. Following large numbers of users in an attempt to attract attention to your own account can be annoying to other users and is a violation of the Twitter Rules ( Because you have stated that you will stop aggressively following other users, your account will be unsuspended within 24 hours. Please note that repeat violations may result in permanent account suspension. Specifically, please be sure to take the following actions: • If you are using tools to help you automatically follow users, please stop. • If you’ve signed up for a service aimed at gaining followers, you’ll need to change your password, so they’re no longer able to access your account. • If you were following large numbers of users manually, please don’t continue to do so. This help page has more information on Twitter’s Following Limits and Best Practices:, including our recommended following practices to avoid suspension. Please also take a minute to review our Automation Rules and Best Practices: Note that the only automated following behavior that Twitter allows is auto-follow-back (following a user after they have followed you). Be aware that it may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal. Thanks! Twitter Support @support


This doesn’t mean if you get your account suspended that Twitter will automatically give you a free pass, but I have had the same thing happen to several of my twitter accounts, and they always seem to unsuspended me within a week.