Pikachu Vs Team Rocket

I LOVE THIS video.

It is by a family who participated in one of our animation workshops. The youngest was 6 and the oldest of 11. The dad was there to help them create this amazing mixed media animation of Pokemon.

During my workshops, I am normally against students using characters from other artists’ work. I made an exception because the kids were so excited about it.

You try saying “no” to a 6-year-old eager to animate her favorite characters.

Mixed Media

I am always a sucker for mixed media animation.

Paper Pokemon with clay team rocket characters gives the video an interesting variety. The minimalist clay characters fit in with their two-colored, cut-out Pokemon.

The main character (Pikachu) is the most detailed, which helps him stand out and be more recognizable.

Final Thoughts

I am still blown away that four kids under 12 (with the help of their dad) created this video… Amazing! They were able to capture an easy to understand battle sequence in the 25 seconds of the video.

After the workshop, I hope the family went home and created more battle scenes. Maybe animate details of this encounter and further the story.

I would love to see it.

Making Tshirt Wars

We covered the T-shirt wars animated video recently on the blog.

Today I wanted to show you how they did it.

Another cool behind the scenes video:

From this video, you can get an idea of the work behind the video.

Things like:

  • Two cameras
  • Onion skinning
  • Adjusting while on set
  • Troubleshooting
  • etc

The video below is a look at their process when they did the McDonalds & Coke version:



It is interesting to see the different issues that come up when shooting a “more professional” video.

T-Shirt War Animation

What I love about this video, besides that it makes me laugh, is it had to take so much time to come up with this.

If you know anything at all about stop motion, you know that it is a time costly project. Move a quarter inch, freeze, photo, repeat about 100,000,000 times.

And it took 222 t-shirts, to do this film! If you’ve ever tried your hand at T-shirt printing. Then you’d know that it’s… Well, it is just… forever taking. FOR-EVER taking. (And I would know, I owned a screen-printing shop, once upon a time.)

So right away I can tell that the crew who worked on this were committed. Or possibly should have been committed, I don’t know.