Portraits with People as Pixels

I wasn’t sure what exactly this was that I was looking at.

At first I thought it was plain ol’ pointillism. Except… it’s not is it?

Squint. Look a little harder. It’s ants isn’t it! Isn’t it? No. It’s not. Oh, lord, are those… people?!?

The Statue of Liberty Portrait



George Washington Portrait


arack Obama Portrait by Craig Alan

However, no. You don’t see.

It fooled me.

I totally thought I was looking at some mass coordination-collaboration portrait-taking effort. I thought ‘it can be done!’ and chose to believe it despite my skepticism over anybody being able to find a massive, flat, neutral toned ground.

Skeptical, and naive. Until I noticed how many of these tiny figures appear to be in mid-motion. Wait a minute. How could these portraits turn out so well with soooo many moving people in them?

Answer. They CAN’T.

Close view of the portraits


Those people in the picture above, they’re not people. They’re not little plastic figures either. They’re painted.

PAINTED! It’s a trompe l’oeil.
Did it fool you too? Because if it didn’t fool you too… I’d feel like a chump.

You can see more of Craig Alan’s fabulous artwork at

Infinite Chocolate Illusion

I just looooooove chocolate. So why not pretend that we never have to run out?

Maybe this is me being silly.
I mean, obviously you can’t keep repeating the process to the same bar of chocolate and never see it diminish. But it’s the whimsy of the illusion of it that I admire.

I’m going to learn how to do this chocolate magic trick if only to see that glitter of amazement in my kid’s faces. As if s’mores could get any cooler, right?

Here’s a video that best explains the process via visual aid.