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Sending Kickstarter Digital Rewards with Gumroad

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In this article, we’re showing how to use Gumroad to send Kickstarter digital rewards.

I am using Gumroad to send all the rewards for my Learn to Animate Course.

1- Login or Register into

This is a bit obvious, but it is the first step.

Login or Register for Gumroad

2- Select the “Products” in your menu bar.

Click on the Products in Menu

3- Select “Digital Products.”

First Product on Gumroad

4- Select “Product.”

Click "Products"

5- Add product name, price, and upload the file.

Enter Product Information & Upload

Note: The price should be what you plan to sell your product to the public.

6- Add a description and an image.

Add Gumroad Description and Image

You can use both the description and cover image you used for your Kickstarter campaign.

7- Add more files if needed & Click Save.

Add files and save.

8- Click Publish.

Click "Publish".

After clicking “publish,” your product will be available for anyone to buy on Gumroad.

9- Go to Options Page.

Go to "options" page.

10- Add Offer.

Add a Gumroad "offer" for you Kickstarter backers.

Click the “+” sign next to “Offers”.

Enter a name of the discount. I make sure it is clear which backers are supposed to get this discount. That is why I have “kickstarter$1” in the name.

I added “513” to make it unlikely people can guess the other discount codes. I use a string of random letters and numbers.

Click on “$” sign to change it to “%“. In the amount off, put in “100”. This will allow your backers to get the product for free since they already paid through Kickstarter.

Under “Quantity“, I put the number of people who supported that amount. This reduces the chances of someone getting the code and sharing with friends.

When done, save changes.

11- Copy Link

Click Share

12- Go to your Kickstarter project’s “backer report”.

Now that you have the offer copied, you need to go to send this to your backers. To do this go to, log-in, open the side menu of your project, and select “View backer report.”

Open your project's backer report.

13- Click the arrow next to “All Backers” and select the first reward amount.

Click arrow next to "All Rewards"

14- Click “Message ## Backers”.

This will allow you to message all the backers at that reward amount.

Select "Message Backers".

15- Write a message to your backers with Gumroad offer link.

Remember you have saved the offer link and you just need to paste it into your message.

Here is a modified version of my message for you to use as an example.

Great News!

We’re finishing up the videos and extended sections of the book. The videos & book are being distributed via Gumroad.

To start downloading your rewards, just go to
[offer discount link here]
Click “I want this.”
Add your email and you’re all set.

You will receive the new chapters and videos straight to your email inbox.

If you have any problems, you can email me directly at

Happy Animating!
Jason Love

16- Send your message and repeat for next group of backers.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I spent over 10 hours putting this tutorial together for you, and I know it will help you fast-track your distribution of Kickstarter digital rewards.

If it has helped you in any way, please do me a favor and let me know in the comments section below and also share this tutorial using the social media buttons at the bottom of this post. Thank you!!

Keep on being creative!