Strawberry Men

Proof that artistic expression is not confined to the studio!

I love it when people give me permission and instructions, on how to play with my food. And so simple too!

At first look, these little strawberry men seem like they’d be uber-hard to do. They aren’t, and I have everything I need already in my kitchen, even the melon baller!

Well, maybe not the cute lil’ sugar hearts (for their adorable faces) but you don’t need them if you don’t want them.

I love that I’m excited about food art. One note, if you’re unfamiliar with the melon baller, buy extra fruit so you can practice lots!

The possibilities for the creation of alternate ‘strawberry men’ are endless. There are plenty of ways to bring your personal touch to it.

I’m envisioning little multi-cultural strawberry men. Substituting honeydew, grapes or even peaches for the apple… I’m just compiling a list.

How do you plan to personalize your strawberry men?