Dan Shive

Review El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive

Okay, the name is a mouthful.  I had to go into the FAQ section of the Webcomic to get an explanation from the creator.  I could explain, but I’ll just quote him as saying it is “…nonsense followed by my last name.”  However unpronounceable the title, the content is quite funny!

When starting to read a Webcomic, I start at the beginning. In their infancy, the first handful of strips are generally pretty bad.

This comic embraces the badness. What’s more is they embrace it in a decidedly humorous way.  How could you not appreciate that?!

Not only do the first few strips embrace the ‘suck’, but they do it in a way that is funny and familiar.  The simplicity of the drawing and it’s sharp wit works for the comic. In a way, it is reminiscent of one of my favorite comics, ‘Bloom County.’

There are other interesting similarities. Maybe a ‘guest’ appearance in the first slew of comics alone.  I leave it to you to discover them for yourself when you start reading!

Read for yourself at www.egscomics.com