T-Shirt War Animation

What I love about this video, besides that it makes me laugh, is it had to take so much time to come up with this.

If you know anything at all about stop motion, you know that it is a time costly project. Move a quarter inch, freeze, photo, repeat about 100,000,000 times.

And it took 222 t-shirts, to do this film! If you’ve ever tried your hand at T-shirt printing. Then you’d know that it’s… Well, it is just… forever taking. FOR-EVER taking. (And I would know, I owned a screen-printing shop, once upon a time.)

So right away I can tell that the crew who worked on this were committed. Or possibly should have been committed, I don’t know.

9 thoughts on “T-Shirt War Animation

  1. Jason Love says:

    I love this animation. I would like to do something similar some day, but 222 screen printed shirts would cost a lot of money$$$

  2. Alex Ribeiro says:

    Use transfers instead of screen printing it would cost much less and you can do whatever kind of art you want!!!

  3. Jason Love says:

    What a great idea!!!!
    Have you used transfers before? Any thoughts on the best transfer sheets to use? Also, I need to upgrade my printer. Do you know how important it is to have a newer printer?

  4. Alex Ribeiro says:

    I just remembered, if you have the budget (17K – In America. I am assuming you are in the right place), you can buy a printer which prints directly on your t-shirts. http://www.equipmentzone.com/epson/surecolor-f2000-direct-to-garment-printer/

  5. Jason Love says:

    Thanks for the links. $17,000 is a bit out of my price range.

    I owned a screenprinting business several years ago. I came to hate the screen printing process. Using transfer paper or stencils seems like a better alternative for this type of animation.

    Have you ever tried using stencils?

  6. Alex Ribeiro says:

    I have, but I don´t think you can get the same quality, as shown on this video, however if you want a rough look, stencils would be the cheapest option!!!!

  7. Alex Ribeiro says:

    If it doesn´t fit your budget, I would suggest a laser printer, like http://www.okidata.com/procolor/711wt, with this one you can use transfer this kind of transfer paper, http://www.sepsgraphics.com/site/laser_transfer_equipment.html, with this paper you won´t need a plotter to cut your artwork, off the transfer paper.

  8. Alex Ribeiro says:

    I am building a t-shirt brand from the ground up, that´s why I am into transfer paper. I´ve chosen this method, as Screen Printing wastes too much water, and you have to have heaps of space for the screens!!!

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