Knock Down Drag Out Write! Day 2

In day 2, Jason and Leah discuss their inability to meet their goals of 833 words a day (Leah stands at 431, Jason 100) because it turns out that neither one has agreed on a genre, enemy or ending.  It occurs to Jason and Leah that they may not know anything about anything, except for the fact that they are wading into deep, literary, doo-doo.

What genre are our writers writing?  What’s in a first act?  How do you insert a little fantasy into the story?  And what will Jason and Leah be willing to sacrifice in order to bring this novel in on time?

Word Count for a Novel

National Novel Writing Month website puts the number of words at 50,000 instead of the 40,000+ we mentioned in Day 1 of the podcast.


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  • Comedy – focus on humor throughout a story.
  • Crime/Detective – fiction about a committed crime, how the criminal gets caught, and the repercussions of the crime
  • Drama – focusing on an in-depth development of realistic characters who must deal with realistic emotional struggles.
  • Fantasy – fiction with strange or otherworldly settings or characters; fiction which invites suspension of reality
  • Horror – fiction in which events evoke a feeling of dread and sometimes fear in both the characters and the reader
  • Mystery – fiction dealing with the solution of a crime or the unraveling of secrets
  • Realistic/Historical – story that is true to life
  • Romance – focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people
  • Science fiction – story based on impact of actual, imagined, or potential science, usually set in the future or on other planets
  • Suspense/Thriller – fiction about harm about to befall a person or group and the attempts made to evade the harm
  • Tragedy – a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes in its audience an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the viewing
  • Western – set in the American Old West frontier and typically set in the late eighteenth to late nineteenth century

Your Thoughts?

Do you think Jason and Leah’s approach is a good one?

How is your writing going? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.
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