Niche Site Journal 2.0 – Week 1

This week I was only able to put in 5.5 hours to work on the Niche Site (not including mastermind meetings). This had a lot to do with the fact I was working to get the Niche Site Journal Podcast up on iTunes.

Also, I have been working on making changes to this blog. The current theme I’m using is awful. I love the look, but it has so many problems I need to find a new one; that takes time. Something I am always limited on.

Enough excuses, let’s look at some numbers.

Week # 8 Results

Just getting started

I am moving slowly because I have some freelance work and shows (I am a professional magician) taking most of the hours in a day. Not to mention I have a son, and I make sure I spend a good part of my morning playing with him.

Income: about $0 (Total to date $0)

Just started, so no income yet.

Google Ranking: Not Ranked Yet

Number of page views: Not sure.

The site is so new I don’t have Analytics on it yet.

Costs: $285.96 (Total to date $352.96)

  • $273.97 I put in escrow for the guy who is going to be writing articles for me.
  • $11.99 for purchasing the web domain
  • $0 for a theme. I was lucky enough to have a freelance job that paid for the theme I will be using on this site.

Time Breakdown: 5.5 Hours (Total to date: 25.5 hours)

  • 2 hours: Put up a job on Elance for an article writer. I requested 50 articles to be completed for $250. To make it easy, I copied a lot of the description from someone else who was looking for article writers. It took a little time setting up and confirming information, researching the best way to find a writer (I just talked to my man Lior), and posted the gig.
  • 1.5 hours: Choosing a writer on Elance from those that bid on my gig and putting money in escrow so he could get started.
  • 2 hours: Putting up a site so it can get indexed. I wrote a little bit of content and played around with how I want the theme to look.


Next week is going to be so crazy with things I need to get done not related to this site that I plan to put no hours into the actual progress of the site, but will be going over the articles coming in from my Elance writer and creating a plan for the next few weeks.

Lesson:  Time management is critical.

I seem to need to have several projects going at once. This is something I struggle with constantly. I need to reevaluate this and look a little more into Pat Flynn’s method of getting things done. Specifically, I want to try his folder systems and to focus on one project at a time. You can listen to his system on episode 12.

Thanks for following along and let me know if your website is up yet.

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