Know Thyself with these Illustrations

These illustrations aren’t a test that will say what number you are on a personality scale. Instead, it is a fun list of questions to see what things you prefer over others and why.

These illustrations and questions come from the 2 Kinds of People Tumblr Page. If you go there, they have even more illustrations of two kinds of people.

As you look over the choices, think carefully about what and why you choose one over the other. If you do find any deeper meaning or have a fun thought related to this post, I would love to hear it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

1 – Do you read webcomics (or blogs) with an RSS reader or do you go to the page?

2 – How do you view multiple tabs in your web browser?

3 – How organized is your computer’s desktop?

4 – How do you wrap gifts?

5 – Which do you prefer to drink from?

6 – How do you check what time it is?

7 – How do you watch shows?

8 – Which do you prefer to read on?

9 – How do you hold your place in a book?

10 – How do your plants look?

11 – Which is your toilet paper roll placement?

12 – How do you cut your sandwich?

13 – Fries condiments go where?

14 – Do you use hashtags in your posts?

15 – Which orientation do you take photos with your phone?

16 – Which Pokemon game did you own or prefer?

17 – Did you like Star Wars the Force Awakens or not?

18 – Who would you fight for?

19 – How do you park?

20 – What do your circles look like?


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