Kickstarter Campaign Tips & My Last 24 Hours

We’ve been spending the last two months working on this Kickstarter campaign. For five weeks, we prepared and for the last three weeks we have been running the campaign.

It is exhausting, scary, stressful and a blast!

What I wish I had done before the campaign.

I felt unprepared going into this campaign. Which is a normal feeling for me, but I wanted to get it done before 2015.

We were successful, but if I did it again, I would make sure that I had a detailed plan. One that would have the flexibility to adjust on the fly but also make sure I knew what I needed to do next.

Having a detailed plan keeps the campaign in perspective. Making it less stressful (in theory).

What I wish I had done during the campaign.

During the campaign, I felt a constant desire to be working on the campaign. If I did it again and had a plan, I would schedule work time and stick to it.

Putting in 10 -to 15-hour days is not sustainable. It made me irritated and stressed. During week two, I got both sick and threw out my back. Proof that healthy work habits are essential, even during a Kickstarter Campaign.

What I plan to do after the campaign.

After the campaign is over, I plan to review all the things I did for the campaign. This will give me an idea of what worked, what didn’t and what needs improvement.

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