Perfection is for Procrastinators

You’re waiting for the best time to start your art project. Or you’re done but want to get it “just right” before sharing with the world…

Just STOP!

Take a breath and say to yourself, “I will never be perfect”.

For many of us, we have the fear of starting or finishing. And we hide it under the banner of waiting for perfection.

A lot of creators have things they want to finish before the end of the year. Publish a comic book, start a web series, designing new card games, learn animation, begin blogging, write a book and others…

But they’re paralyzed by fear of the projects not being great. This fear means the projects never happen.

Using a Due Date

It is helpful to use deadlines to get around the fear. Having a due date takes the focus away from the outcome of a project and putting it on finishing by date.

Limiting your time permits the success to on completion instead of on having it perfect.

Reminder: You can always work on making it better after finishing.

Limiting a project by time is scary because it forces you to act and complete things. Once you get a few big projects completed, I guarantee you will feel less stress starting and ending each project. In no time, you will be looking back at a long list of amazing things completed…. All perfect just the way they are.

What will be you next project and its due date?

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