Are Facebook Ads a Scam

A recent University study found Facebook ads included similar “fake likes” as “like farms”. We mentioned before how “fake” likes can hurt your business. This brings up an important question.

Are Facebook advertisements a scam?

The answer is no. However, if not done correctly, Facebook ads can be a waste of money.

The above video explains why. But first, an important definition.

A “fake” Facebook like is any “like” from either a software program or an individual that gets paid to like pages.

Principal/interesting points from the video:

  • The Virtual Bagel Facebook Page test was in 2012.
  • Facebook claims they deleted 83,000,000 fake accounts since then.
  • Veritasium bought their Facebook ads in 2012.
  • Fake Facebook likes hurt your page.
  • US State Department paid $630,000 to get two million fans. Afterwards, their engagement dropped to 2%.
  • Facebook charges to increase a page’s number of fans through ads.
    Then they charge to show all your fans individual posts.
  • Even if you target countries not known for click farms, you still get fake likes.
  • Facebook makes a lot of money off of fake Likes.

What has been your experience with Facebook Ads?
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3 thoughts on “Are Facebook Ads a Scam

  1. Bonnie Lynch says:

    This is great food for thought, especially since I’ve been advised to do some FB ads for my business. Thank you, Jason!

  2. Jason Love says:

    My pleasure. I feel Facebook Ads can be great, but do take a little work (and luck). If you do run a campaign, let me know. I would love to hear about your experience.

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