Destructive Indecisiveness

I talk to a lot of creatives.
I have yet to find one that only works on one project at a time.

I am sure they’re out there, but I have yet to find one.
Like a 4-leaf clover, I know they exist but haven’t found one myself.

That means you’re most likely in a similar situation as me. Switching between tasks, thriving on juggling several projects, and changing directions. While you get a rush from jumping between projects, it isn’t efficient.

As a creative, efficiency isn’t the ultimate goal. Yet, the more you get done, the more you can create. This is something I currently realize as I am in my third month of blogging full-time.

Here is my challenge to you. Take the next two weeks and focus on only one or maybe two projects. If you get inspired to work on something else, just take notes but do not switch gears to work on it.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

If you try this experiment, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to include your experience in the comments below. Or if you have a blog, feel free to email me a link to a post in which you write about it.

8 thoughts on “Destructive Indecisiveness

  1. Rob Norback says:

    Definitely a good call to action!

    I’ve been working on for almost a year on and off now. It’s tough to have one project because when it’s not going well, it feels like your life isn’t going well.

    I’m now getting more specific and creating a site called and I’ll keep playing around with One Habit. I hope that keeps things a little lighter and more fun.

    What do you do when your main project is tanking?


  2. Jason Love says:

    There are a lot of options. I am in a similar camp in that I have several websites. None of them are doing as well as I would like. My plan is to take them all and combine them into this site. It is a way to quit them without feeling guilty.

    I am also setting a very specific financial goal for June of 2015. If I don’t make that goal I am going to let this project go and focus on something completely different.

    I hope that helps and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Rob Norback says:

    Well it looks like we’ll be in a mastermind together. Nice work on the challenge.
    We can grow our sites together.

  4. Jason Love says:

    Very cool. I am excited to get started with the group.
    Should be a good time and help our businesses to grow.

  5. Elyse' says:

    Oh yes, how relatable! One, maybe two? Ehh, I can barely make it through a 25 minute pomodoro! LOL, good post though. I have a feeling you are very correct, I just don’t know if I can commit to that quite yet. (All about the honesty here!)

  6. Jason Love says:

    I struggle with Pomodoros as well. What I am testing is instead of focusing on one project (one slide), figuring out how to make it one giant slide.

    This website is that example. I have been blogging for a long time on many different subjects, but I have yet to make a living wage from any of them. The reason is because I kept jumping back and forth. This site, however, allows me to follow any passion I have as long as long as I can link it back to creativity… My stress is down and I love writing again.

    PS I see you write on Yoga. Any recommendations for someone who has been out of practice for over 10 years? Where is a good place to get started? If you have a blog post on the topic already, feel free to share it.

  7. Love it! Currently listen to “The One Thing” and found this post quite timely! I wouldn’t describe myself as insanely creative, so I can’t even imagine how hard it is to focus for those individuals who really are truly creative and innovative. Love the site, by the way, what a great idea!

    ~ Beth Anne

  8. Jason Love says:

    Thanks, Beth.
    I will have to check “The One Thing” out. I have been doing so many different things and each of those was really hard to make successful. This site itself is a way I can pursue a variety of things, but still under the umbrella of Compulsive Creative. In other words, I don’t have to keep starting from scratch.

    For those interested, “The One Thing” has this great Video Trailer:

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