Nonsense & Everything – Tom Waits

This is a fascinating discussion with Tom Waits on “making it big”, being in entertainment, and art.

It is full of nonsense with the meaning to life in traditional Tom Waits fashion.
You can take from it what you will.

This video is by “Blank on Blank” a YouTube channel by PBS. The interview was by Chris Roberts

“You just write. You don’t try to make sense of it. You just put it down the way you got it and you don’t try to organize it or put meaning to it.”
– Tom Waits


2016 Most Poplar Music Mashed-Up into Something New

Looking back on 2016, it is interesting to see what songs and videos were popular the past 12 months.

It gives us perspective into 2017. Also, it can guide us as creatives to be inspired to make new things and change old ideas.

For DJ Earworm it has become an annual event to release a mashup of all the year’s biggest songs and videos. This year’s video includes samples from 25 different tracks. These include ZAYN, Justin Bieber, Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers.

To be honest, I love music but do not follow it in any way. All the music mashed up in this video; I have probably never heard. However, as an artist myself (especially as a filmmaker) it is fascinating to see the imagery and sound that is/has been popular.

Even though I am not excited to hear how the music is mixed, I do enjoy see these songs and videos for their cultural and artistic impact on those that do watch and listen to it.