Repurposed into Art

These artists took something and made it into something else. In other words, they created repurposed art.

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Money Defaced or Delightful?

I’d like to introduce you to James Charles, he doesn’t design for the mint, but he ought to.  Charles can take an ordinary 5 dollar bill and, with a few touches here and there, can turn it into a $700 work of art! Some people argue that it is not illegal to draw/ink/create or otherwise

Repurposed into ArtJanuary 5, 2015

Altered Thrift Art

Online I came across a photo of one of those cheap-o crap prints from the 60’s and 70’s

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Creativity from Cardboard

There is this couple and their baby (Lilly, Leon, and Orson). After moving to another country, they found themselves with a LOT of leftover boxes. Instead of reselling or trashing them, they recycled. In a manner of speaking. Set building! They used their amassed collection of cardboard to build replicas of scenes from movies. This

Repurposed into ArtSeptember 7, 2014

LGBT Art from Gym Equipment

Creativity with a social conscience. The famed historic Castro district of San Francisco is one of our nation’s

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Old CD’s as Sculptures

Artist George Radebaugh uses cast off CDs, along with recycled pipe for structure, to create these amazingly attractive

Repurposed into ArtAugust 30, 2014

Bob Marley’s Portraits from CDs

It’s Bob Marley. Made from Bob Marley CDs. Ha! Love it! Artists Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco

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Artist Builds Homes for the Homeless… Out of Trash!

Oakland artist Gregory Kloehn takes your trash and turns it into a treasure! Photos of his miniature homes have been circling the internet, making me jealous and proud to be a human being.