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Kurt Cobain – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Donald Cobain was born 50 years ago today. When I was an early teen, his band Nirvana was crazy popular. His music was for a generation of kids (and adults) trying to find their way in the world. Nirvana was created in 1987, and their first record was released two years later. However, it

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Allergy to Originality is an animated Op-Doc by Drew Christie. It is about two men discussing whether the current media has an aversion to originality. The question of art and if anything is truly original becomes the theme of their discussion. Written, Directed & Illustrated by Drew Christie Presented by The New York Times Op-Docs Below

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I met a robot at a ballet once.

A hand-drawn animated storybook poem about a girl who meets a robot at a ballet and has an existential crisis. Written, Narrated, and Animated by Isabela Dos Santos.

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UPDATE – The Learn to Animate Course is Launching December 7th!

You’ve heard about it! You’ve been waiting for it! It’s here! We had originally planned for a November 30th, Cyber Monday,  but because of bad planning, unforseen circumstances, and issues with our mac computer, we will be pushing the launch and sales date to December 7th. get the Learn to Animate Course!  Go to for

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12 Basic Principles of Animation

In the world of animated entertainment,

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Why are Chuck Jones’ Cartoons so Funny?

The people over at Every Frame a Painting created this amazing “mini” documentary on what makes Chuck Jones’ cartoons so good. Chuck Jones made over 250 films, was nominated eight times for an Oscar (won three), and has won countless awards during his lifetime.