I Broke My Resolution – But Who Cares?

This article is a direct response to “2015 – the year of the compulsive creative“. If you have not read that article come on you can do so here.

One of our New Years goals was to write an article a day for the first 90 days of 2015.

Up till now we have published 15 articles over the past 20 days. Meaning we already missed our goal.

Did We Fail?

While it is true that we broke our resolution. We also accomplished more than we would have without it. We didn’t give up when we missed a post date. Instead, we tried hard to catch up, or to keep posting, so we wouldn’t fall further behind.

I see this as a win. While it might take some time and dedication, we plan to make up those days we missed.

How are you doing on your New Years resolutions? We would love to hear what your goals are for 2015 and how things are going up till now. Feel free to posts these in the comment section below.

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