Baby Soap

Baby Soap

I was looking around for a way to reuse those foaming action bottles I’ve been storing up, the ones the expensive Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial soap comes in.  I found a super inexpensive way to make my own foaming soap!  It has to be foaming; otherwise I can’t be sure if my sweet, dear, husband is getting a proper clean.  (He doesn’t like to work up a lather, say, from a bar).

  • Baby SoapHere is the simplicity of it.  Needed:
  • One foaming pump for reuse
  • Favorite hand safe dish soap (Use liquid Castile soap if you like scentless, or want to add your own later with essential oils).
  • Tap Water
  • Vitamin E liquid capsule broken open (optional)

To Make this, take the pump out of the bottle, pour soap of choice in the bottom of the container, about 1½ inches give or take.  Add water slowly.  If you allow the tap water to agitate the soap and froth you won’t be able to fill it correctly or get a proper froth.  Add the water slowly and screw the pump back on the base.  Swirl the bottle gently until soap and water are mixed.  If you’ve used Castile and want to add scent, drop a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix at this point and re-swirl.

You should combine the soap/water at a ratio of 1:4, but you can tweak it up how you like it.  Do this and you’ll never have to pay full price (about $5 a bottle!) again!

I bring this up here because I use this method to make my hand soap and have used it in my son’s bath.  Which is why I brought up Castile soap before.  Newborns can be suuuuper sensitive to perfumes/chemicals/dyes of store-bought baby washes, Castile soap is the gentle way to wash your baby.  The pump version of the soap is even more gentle than just lathering up straight Castile since the froth is mostly water!

5 thoughts on “Baby Soap

  1. Olwen says:

    Why don’t you just buy baby soap?

  2. Nikolia Hegarty says:

    This is genuinely nice to know. I am going to go make some soap right now!

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