Artist Builds Homes for the Homeless… Out of Trash!

Oakland artist Gregory Kloehn takes your trash and turns it into a treasure! Photos of his miniature homes have been circling the internet, making me jealous and proud to be a human being.

Kloehn developed an interest in sustainable architecture, designing homes that ascribe to the small house movement. I guess it was a (very) small leap to even tinyer houses.

He was moved to continue his tiny house building when it occurred to him how helpful they could be to someone who previously had little more than a cardboard covering. Especially when such houses can be built for only around $100. Kloehn is proving that you can use your art to make a change.

Of course they don’t come with all the modern accouterments. These shelters for the homeless are just large enough for a person to lie down. No washer and dryer sets but Kloehn is capable of building his small homes with water storage, even a kitchen area and other such extras. All his homes come equipped with rolling casters so that inhabitants can go mobile with their homes.

Interiors are insulated against the cold, most have at least one window and have ventilation.

One woman, whose tiny house is lined with cast off pizza delivery bags, remarks how warm she can be if she doesn’t open the window. Exteriors are waterproof and saturated in loveliness and whimsy.

Gregory Kloehn goes around from street to street digging through piles of discarded scrap, picking out pieces that don’t look like anything on their own, but when cleaned up and given a little polish, come together to make some absolutely gorgeous (and efficient) structures.

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